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by Annalisa Thomas on 25. March 2014 in Fashion

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Introducing: Link

by Sarah on 11. March 2014 in

Today, we’d like to introduce you to another new Oilo addition…our Link Collection! You’ll quickly see that Link, available in a beautiful stone option, fits in just perfectly around here! Gender neutral, with a myriad of designing options, this collection will provide you with centerpiece items for many unique spaces!

It’s modern…it’s chic… it’s cool.  Welcome to the family, Link!



Take a closer look....



:: Link Patterned Crib Sheet- Stone




:: Diamond Crib Sheet- Stone




:: Solid Band Crib Skirt- Stone



:: Link Changing Pad Cover and Topper- Stone

:: Link Changing Pad Topper- Stone

:: Link Play Blanket- Stone


 :: Link 12” x 24” Pillow- Stone




 ::Link Car Seat Canopy (reversible)





Pre-order today! Items expected ship date: March 31st

Shop our entire Link Collection here.

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Ubbi Diaper Pail

by Sarah on 6. March 2014 in Our Favorites

Stinky diapers look out!  We have found the ultimate solution to diaper disposal!  Honestly, we just have to share with you the awesome product that is the Ubbi Diaper Pail!


This diaper pail isn’t like the plastic ones out there… this one is made out of powder coated steel, which doesn’t absorb nasty odors like plastic!  We love the simple design and the amazing color options, making it easy to coordinate with any nursery.  You can buy this puppy for an awesome price,  and one of our favorite parts is that it doesn’t require a special bag…any tall kitchen trash bag will do!



Look anywhere…this fantastic Ubbi product has great reviews all around…and we couldn’t agree more!


Check them out on Facebook:

Or take a peek on their Instagram & Twitter: @ubbiworld


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Introducing: Bloom

by Sarah on 3. February 2014 in Our Products | What's New

It’s another exciting day at Oilo as we introduce to you our lovely new Bloom Collection!  Available in Pretty Pink, this collection brings a playful flair to any nursery, while maintaining a high level of sophistication! 



:: Bloom Patterned Crib Sheet



:: Pretty Pink Band Crib Skirt







In addition to this beautiful crib bedding, bring an extra element of fun to your baby’s space with our Bloom changing pad options, as well as our 12” x 24” Bloom Pillow. 


:: Pretty Pink Changing Pad Cover + Bloom Changing Pad Topper


:: Bloom Changing Pad Topper


:: 12” x 24 Bloom Pillow


You can also take Bloom with you while you're on the go with our reversable Car Seat Canopy.


*These items are all available for pre-order NOW!

*Estimated ship date: February 28, 2014.


Also... Check us out on Instagram and enter our Bloom Crib Sheet giveaway!!!!

To enter:

1. Follow @oilostudio on Instagram

2. Repost the Bloom image

3. Tag @oilostudio


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Introducing: Zara

by Sarah on 21. January 2014 in Design | Our Products | What's New

We have so many exciting new products that will be launching in 2014, and we can hardly wait to share them all with you!

Today, we’re so thrilled to give you a first glimpse of our new Zara motif in Pewter! There are endless possibilities with this versatile design, and you'll quickly find that mixing and matching with this motif is as easy as it is fun!


Our Zara print is available in several different crib bedding pieces including:

:: Zara Crib Bumper


 :: Zara Crib Skirt

 :: Zara Crib Sheet

These items can be beautifully combined with many of our products...especially our Mosi or Soft White Crib Sheets, and our Pewter & Bone Band Crib Skirts.

:: Mosi Crib Sheet


:: Soft White Crib Sheet 




:: Zara Sheet + Bone with Pewter Band Crib Skirt



:: Zara Sheet + Pewter with Bone Band Crib Skirt



Compliment a Zara inspired nursery with even more new and fabulous items at!

[Pictured L to R]

Pewter Changing Pad Cover + Zara Topper, White Double Cylinder Light with Pewter Trim, Zara Car Seat Canopy, Pewter Band Pillow + Zara Pillow, Pewter Double Cylinder Light, Zara Play Blanket


* Pre-order Zara items today! Available to ship February 28th.

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Celebrating the Ride

by Sarah on 7. January 2014 in Our Ideas | Parenting


Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed or eye-rolling through mommy blogs thinking, “Whose life is that perfect all the time?” “What kids look that flawlessly put together every day?” “Who makes delicious cookies with their children WHILE teaching them to read WHILE also looking perfect?”

We’ve certainly been there a time or two.

With all of the “perfection” out there being captured and shared among parents, it can certainly be tough not to compare them to our own life’s moments that are less than picture-perfect.   Being a parent is tough work, and ironically it is equally easy to criticize and get down on ourselves.  This is exactly why we are determined to make 2014 a year of embracing our reality!

It’s time to get real and accept that perfection isn’t really an option… even if others trick us into thinking they’ve attained it.  Let’s move past the parental terms of perfection and failure, and celebrate the ups and downs of the ride.  Although it’s hard to remember sometimes, this ride of raising little ones is not going to last forever. 

Being a parent is not always a cakewalk… but, let’s allow ourselves to have those imperfect moments and then let them go.  As parents, we’re all on this journey together... and it’s important to remember that no one person has got it all figured out.  It’s about celebrating our successes and getting back in that saddle when our ride gets a bit bumpy.

It is our goal and our hope for all of you in this new year that we can collectively  embrace and enjoy the ride of parenthood—albeit a crazy one—and tuck our babies in at night knowing that we’re all in perfectly imperfect company.  That’s a reality we’re excited to accept!

Rock on parents!  And, Happy New Year!



Sample Sale!

by Sarah on 25. November 2013 in

'Tis the season for great shopping and we have an exciting deal that you do not want to miss! Shop with us tomorrow morning, November 26, at 8:00 am PST and get ½ OFF regularly priced items! ACT FAST because there will be only a few of each style available for this fantastic offer!
:: Do you follow us on Instagram?  Check us out...@oilostudio!


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ABC Kids Expo

by Sarah on 30. October 2013 in As Seen In | Our Products | What's New
We had an absolutely wonderful time earlier this month at the ABC Kids Expo held in Las Vegas!  We were so excited and happy to unveil our new products for 2014.  We have numerous additions, including brand new collections, and we can hardly wait to share them all with you! 
For now… here is a sneak peek of our booth, and what we unveiled at the Expo!
You can check out this article on for a further sneak peak of our latest Oilo products!

Remember to come back soon! We will be spotlighting our exciting new products frequently throughout the upcoming weeks!


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She Knows Parenting Awards 2012: Vote Oilo!

by Sarah on 24. September 2013 in As Seen In | Our Products
It’s that time of year again, and the She Knows Parenting Award Nominees have been announced! We are so excited to have been nominated in the Nursery Must Haves category for our Cohen Glider, and also to be nominated in the Newborn Essentials category for our Organic Newborn Layette Set. 
It is truly an honor to be recognized by such an incredible company.  Did you know that SheKnows is the largest online lifestyle community for women ages 25-54?  It has become one of the fastest growing global destinations on the web with new content posted daily, engaging interactive tools, fun features and an active and engaged social following.  We love the seamless user experience, and always leave their site more educated, excited, and motivated!
If you haven’t already visited their site…you’re missing out! Check out here.
And, don’t forget to vote for us before October 7th!  Check out all the nominees here.
The following links will take you straight to our categories...
Thank you!

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Oral Care and Baby: MAM

by Sarah on 17. September 2013 in Good to Know | Our Favorites
Did you know that at the time of birth, the crowns of your baby’s teeth are already finished?  With that said, proper oral care for baby begins before the first tooth even erupts, and only becomes more and more important with each tooth that pops up! It’s important to know that establishing an oral care routine early on helps set the stage for a lifetime of good dental hygiene!
Check out these frequently asked questions when it comes to taking care of baby’s teeth.
:: When to schedule baby’s first visit to the dentist?
According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), babies should complete their first visit to the dentist by age one.  In fact, all babies should see a pediatric dentist once their first tooth comes in, usually between 6 and 12 months of age.  At the first visit, dentists check for signs of early tooth decay and review proper routines and behaviors with parents, such as not letting baby fall asleep with a bottle of milk or drinking juice from a cup instead of a bottle.
:: How to clean the inside of baby’s mouth? 
Contrary to popular belief, proper oral care for baby should begin before the first tooth appears.  The AAPD suggests parents gently wipe the inside of baby’s mouth and gums with a clean, soft cloth regularly to remove germs and leftover milk.
:: When to start using a toothbrush with baby? 
As soon as teeth appear, start brushing two times a day with an age-appropriate toothbrush to gently remove plaque and bacteria.  Look for brushes designed just for babies that have rounded heads and super-soft bristles. 
:: When to start using toothpaste with baby?
When children reach the age of two, parents can use a pea-size amount of children’s toothpaste.  Look for toothbrushes that feature indicator bristles to help determine the correct amount of toothpaste for little ones and use a toothbrush that allows mom and baby to hold the handle together for guided brushing.  (The AAPD also recommends a smear of fluoride toothpaste for children under two who are at-risk for tooth decay.  Health care professionals and pediatric dentists can help parents determine if baby is at-risk.)
:: Why dentists prefer pacifiers over thumbs for self-soothing? 
Babies are born with a natural sucking reflex.  The AAPD recommends pacifier use over thumb-sucking for additional sucking, as a pacifier habit is easier to break at an earlier age. While most children self-wean, the AAPD recommends discouraging pacifier use after age three if necessary.  The earlier a sucking habit is stopped, the less likely the habit will lead to tooth and jaw irregularities.  Use pacifiers with an orthodontically correct nipple design that allows baby to safely suck while maintaining proper jaw and tooth alignment.


We love the products that MAM has to offer to help foster good oral hygiene from the start.  Their mission is to combine the best in technological innovation, medically sound function and contemporary design to help give babies the best start in life.  Developed with dentists, the smart MAM Oral Care products ensure that babies get used to regular oral hygiene step by step. Trendy colors and shapes arouse baby's interest and encourage him to clean his teeth.
For more information about MAM products, and to read some excellent information in regards to oral care for your little ones, head over to!



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